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One thing quickly becomes apparent to anyone who reads the gospels, the pages of Scripture that contain Jesus's words and actions: no one who heard His words failed to react. Some who listened shook their fists at Him. Others marveled at a depth of wisdom they'd never heard before. And some believed His words, choosing to follow Him. Whatever the reaction, no one left His presence unaffected by the encounter.

Jesus easily stands as the most influential person in history. Even today, millions call Him Savior. Why? What was it about His short time on earth that shook the world so? What did He say to grab people's hearts the way He did? Why do so many believe in Him as the Son of God?

Embark on an eye-opening journey into the life and times of this carpenter from Nazareth. Just don't expect to be unstirred after your encounter with Jesus.


A Gift Too Wonderful for Words
A Good Man or the God-Man?
An Invitation
An Invitation to Touch the Skin of Infinite God
Behind the Gratitude
Deepwater Faith

How Do We Know That Jesus is God?
How Does the Death of Jesus Save Me?

How to Begin a Relationship with God?
Jesus Has a Question For You
Jesus on the Brain

Jesus' Simple Lesson on Prayer
Jesus – the Final Book in the Great Lives from God’s Word
Judgment Day

Not to Worry ... He's Risen!

Peace on Earth...We Need It Now

Scriptural Support for Christ's Return
The Full Gospel ... And Nothing More
The Pre-Incarnate Son
Things That Strangle Us
Was Jesus a Cannibal?
What a Friend We Have
When Jesus Fails Your Expectations
When Your Mother Thinks You’re Crazy
Why Don’t I Ask “WWJD”


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