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Women's Purity

Guard your mind, body, and heart

A woman has an innate desire to be cherished. This desire can sometimes make her easy prey to a man’s lusts if she believes that offering her body to him will win and keep his love. This desire also helps explain why close to 91 percent of the buyers of romance fiction are women. Books in this genre are generally required to have an emotionally satisfying, optimistic ending—a formula which has rewarded romance fiction with the largest share of the paperback literature market and the second largest in the e-book market.¹

So how does a Christian woman resist this pull and keep her mind, body, and heart pure and untarnished in a very stained, harsh world? Elisabeth Elliot wrote, in the preface of her classic book Passion and Purity: “The love life of a Christian is a crucial battleground. There, if nowhere else, it will be determined as to who is Lord: the world, the self and the devil, or the Lord Christ.”²

We want to help you win that battle, with the right weapons and armor at your disposal. The resources on this page will point you to the only source of ultimate satisfaction and worth: Jesus, the Lover of your soul!

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